Adjusting the thermostat

My husband and I were both born and raised out on the farm life. Now that we have moved closer to the big city and have been exposed to the more modern ways of living, we have had some growing pains to say the least. When we first moved into our house near the city two years ago, we didn’t know the first thing about taking care of it other than sweeping and doing the dishes. All of the modern advances like the dishwasher and the state of the art heating and cooling unit were foreign concepts to us. After we messed around with the heating and cooling unit for a while, we were actually able to get it working which felt like a blessing. It was nice to have something to rely on in the summer to cool you off other than a breeze from an open window. What we didn’t know at that time however was how to clean and repair the unit. The unit seemed to be working just fine, so we never serviced it. After about six months in the house however, the heating and cooling unit began to have some serious problems. After we eventually decided to call a local HVAC repairman to check on it he was shocked when we told him that it hadn’t been serviced in half a year. He then sat us down and walked us through all of the things we need to do to make sure this unit is working fine and is in good shape. He told us that if we did something like this again we would be spending thousands on repairs. We learned an important lesson that day, and nowadays we are your average city loving people!

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