Aerobics Classes and Spin Classes Are Awesome

On Sundays & Sundays, Jeremy & I go to an aerobics class at our gym! The two of us get a kick out of being in aerobics classes on these afternoons… On Sundays, every one of us have intermediate aerobics with Dirk.

On Sundays, every one of us have a spin class… I never even liked mountain biking until I discovered the joys of spin class, now it’s my favorite thing to do when I’m not working.

The exercise classes are in the night, so Jeremy & I don’t miss a single moment of work. The office has been a real pain in the neck lately, however we’re going through a big merger with another corporate client, however jeremy & I are in charge of the joining of the two souls. This has been our project for the last several months, & things are finally starting to come together. It probably goes without saying that the project has come with a lot of bad and good attributes. Both companies are merging into one pressing corporation. The two of us are renting us space with room for employees from both firms. I think this has been the major part of the aggravation and annoyances, because of the building construction. The two of us were supposed to move into the building numerous months ago, however there was a problem, of course. There were some problems with the plumbing and carpentry that needed to be fixed before every one of us could occupy the building as a permanent space. The carpenter tried to gouge us on the costs after every one of us had already made arrangements for a certain amount. The two of us had to fire the first carpenter & hire someone new. The whole process has been a big cluster, however every one of us finally hoisted ourselves into the current building last week. The two of us are finally coming to the end of this hard transaction, and our fitness center helped us survive it.

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