After our lung troubles were worse, I decided to get our HVAC duct cleaned

It turns out our physician was right

I was absolutely a single of those kids who got common colds at least several to 3 times a year. Since in our early years I was living up north, the worst times were usually during the transition into Autumn at the tail end of summer, plus the transition from Winter into Springtime. And then the fourth bout of sickness would occur in summer time or Winter depending on whatever viral pathogens were floating around at any given time. More often than not, these troubles would occur during flu season, although catching the actual flu virus was rarer for myself and others after I got serious with vaccinations each year. When the troubles abated for 10 years, I felt amazing and thought that maybe that would be the end. But, the past 3 weeks have had myself and others nervous. I kept feeling short of breath and was always coughing up lung and sinus congestion. It felt prefer I was stuffy and couldn’t breathe, so I assumed I was getting sick. My physician ran a few tests and was confident I didn’t have a frigid or something else viral prefer a variant of the common flu. He commanded that I get our air conditioning system and HVAC duct inspected as there could be mold and other microbial buildup that was affecting our lungs. It turns out our physician was right. My Heating and Air Conditioning corporation sent a serviceman out the following afternoon and he determined that I needed our entire plan cleaned, including the HVAC duct. It was an costly and time consuming process, however the difference after the fact is night and afternoon. I think prefer I was magically cured from some unknown illness.
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