After Work Drinks With The HVAC Workmen

My job is working at a local heating and air conditioning company.

But no, I am not what you think. I am not a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. My job is actually in the accounting part of the office. I know all the heating and cooling workmen around the place, and they are great guys. We actually are all pretty good pals. I do hang out with a few of the HVAC workmen outside of the job. But every so often, the heating and cooling specialists all go out for drinks at the bar across the street for happy hour, and I am invited to go along when they do! It is interesting to hear about all the different kinds of HVAC repairs the boys all did during the day. I hear about repairs of thermostats, air purification systems, radiant heated floors, and sometimes, I even hear about the huge commercial heating and air conditioning system installations some of them do. I can say, for me not being a certified heating and cooling specialist, and never in my life have ever even repaired a central heating and air conditioning system, I feel as if I actually may be able to do some minor heating and air conditioning repair on my own! All thanks to these wonderful HVAC workmen that I work with and hang out with after work hours! I really do love my job, and would never trade it in for anything in the whole entire world! If you can work at an HVAC company doing anything, I highly suggest going for the job.

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