Air Cleaner after a getting a stomach flu

Last year was the only year I did not get a flu shot. I got undoubtedly ill with the flu for many days. I lost weight, missed word, plus felt awful! My sinuses were exhausting plus I did not think if I would ever think better. I ate soup plus drank water for days, but nothing seemed to work, however during the time I was ill, our hubby was having a whole beach house air purification system installed. I did not want to have people in the beach house at this time, but if every one of us would have had to reschedule, every one of us would have to wait another 2 weeks. We had already waited a month for this appointment so every one of us decided to keep it. The installation of the air purification system did not take undoubtedly long. The following morning, I felt a million times better! I do not think if it was actually the air purification system that made myself and others think better after days of being undoubtedly ill, even though I thought it might have something to do with it. The germs from our virus were not spread to our family with the help of the air purification system. I am ecstatic that every one of us decided to go ahead with the installation. The air quality in our beach house has been so much better since. I think as though every one of us are breathing in clean air with every breath. The air purification system helps to eliminate allergens in the beach house plus has actually helped our teenagers with their allergies. We sleep much better plus wake up feeling refreshed. The air purification system has actually changed our life for the better.


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