Air conditioning is also protecting respiratory health

When you experience summers like ours, you are mighty thankful for the HVAC technology that allows for all the HVAC cooling we depend on.

And that means we are very fortunate to have the heat pump as our residential HVAC heating and cooling method.

Now the cooling part isn’t all that great. Our winters are the very definition of mild. That doesn’t mean there aren’t times where heating is necessary. It’s just that it’s not all that often. No, we rely on the heat pump for our HVAC cooling. And without it, I’d have to rethink living here. I know that my ancestors lived without residential HVAC and they were fine. Still, I can’t imagine facing a summer here with just a fan, a shady spot and zero movement. I think that would be the only way I could deal with the summer without modern HVAC technology. The heat pump is pretty phenomenal at cooling the house. It’s aptly named as well. That’s because it really does move or pump heat energy out of the house. That’s part of the HVAC cooling process. This gets heat out of the house to make room for cooler air. But this process also helps our respiratory health. That’s because the HVAC cooling process also balances the humidity levels. And that mitigates mold & mildew growth in our homes. Mold growth can be really detrimental to our respiratory health. So not only are we getting cooling, we’re getting protected from mold & mildew. Have to hand it to the heat pump. It’s not only super versatile but it even protects our health as well.

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