Air conditioning is the biggest drain on energy stores when living in the south

As soon as I save enough money, I moving as far away as I can from here.

I have spent the last 35 years of my life grueling through sweaty summers with inadequate air conditioning. The only bit of respite I get from the heat is when I’m in select stores that pay to keep their interiors so cold. It’s not cheap running air conditioning in a climate where temperatures are well over 100 degrees for eight months out of the year. This is in part why my employers don’t spend the money to keep our office comfortably cool. I get extremely uncomfortable the entirety of my shift if it’s any month of the year besides January and a few select days in early February. The heat bears down on our building and cooks the office from dawn till dusk. Whenever I am finally home after my shift, I’m greeted to an equally hot apartment. Unfortunately, I just cannot afford to keep my home as comfortably cool as I want. My energy expenses are dominated by the electricity used to power my central air conditioner. Cutting back on electricity use throughout my house from one appliance to the next did little to nothing to improve my situation. I finally resigned myself to leaving my windows open and running a slew of box fans and ceiling fans. It at the very least creates a strong air current so it no longer feels like stagnant heat. Although it’s not a huge improvement, I makes the situation bearable given the onslaught of heat waves any time of the year. I often wonder what it would be like if I picked up everything I owned and moved across the country, possibly some place up north. For now, it can only be a dream.


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