Air conditioning is vital when pregnant

When women are pregnant, it is very natural that they obsess over everything they are eating, drinking, breathing in, and doing.

One thing that many pregnant women do not realize is that they have to be very careful in the heat. When women are pregnant and their core body temperature rises, the temperature of the fetus also rises. Being in the heat for too long and becoming overheated too often can actually lead to miscarriage and birth defects. When pregnant women live in places that are hot and humid, like the South, it is essential that they stay in the air conditioning when the temperatures are hot outside. Most physicians recommend that pregnant women stay inside in the air conditioning between the hours of 12 to 4. Now, this may not be realistic for some pregnant women based on their jobs. Everyone has a different tolerance for heat, but luckily in extremely hot places like the South, it is common that homes have central air conditioning. It is also common for stores to have their thermostats set to a very low number and this can be helpful when pregnant women have to run errands in the heat. It is also harder to regulate your body temperature when you are pregnant. Pregnant women should make sure to reach out to their HVAC company to get route HVAC maintenance done prior to the hot summer months. One of the worst things that could happen to a pregnant woman would be having issues with their air conditioner in the heat. In addition to reaching out to the HVAC company for routine maintenance, it is recommended that pregnant women purchase smart thermostats to keep their homes cool even when they are away.


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