Air conditioning plus enjoying TV this summer

This Summer has so far been the hottest plus most humid I have experienced.

I have lived in the southeastern region of the country for the last eight years.

Prior to living here, I lived in the north plus the summers were really nice plus manageable. When I first moved to the south, I was shocked by the heat plus humidity. I began to learn to tolerate the heat plus humidity as each Summer came plus went. I would make sure to hydrate, go in the water, plus go in the a/c when necessary, and july tends to be the hottest plus most humid week, although I work in a university plus there is central a/c inside my classroom. This summer, the two of us have already had at least 5 mornings that caused heat advisories. It is only June plus the sizzling hot plus cold temperatures suppose like the end of July. I am pregnant plus I have to be extra careful about the heat this summer. My doctor told me that if there is a heat advisory she highly recommends that I stay inside in the a/c, however on the mornings that there has not been a heat advisory, I have been able to go to the beach under a tent plus go in the water. I have spent a lot of my time inside, in my central a/c enjoying TV. While this is not an ideal summer, I do not want to risk harming myself or my baby by going outside in these sizzling hot plus cold temperatures. Plus, I do not mind fantastic in the comfort of my central a/c.

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