air vents toil against thermodynamics

A few days ago our buddy invited me over to see his current apartment. I could admit, I was genuinely hesitant to travel across town and see where he was now living. Because he is in the neighborhood centre, it makes me rather nervous. I also do not understand how he can afford such a fancy place in a desirable neighborhood. Shortly after arriving at his house, it all made sense. It turns out, our buddy is not in a super comfortable residence. In fact, the central heating, cooling, and air quality control system leaves a lot to be desired. From the moment that I walked into his place I noticed that the indoor air felt drafty and stagnant at the same time. I mentioned the low indoor air temperature and asked if the two of us could have just the thermostat. She told me that he had already maxed out the heating settings on his central HVAC system. In fact, he told me, he was consistently uncomfortable in this home because of the unmanaged air quality and unpredictable air temperature. Apparently, no matter what he did it felt love he was relying on natural ventilation rather than his fancy HVAC system. She was paying a ton and energy bills and it was not paying off in air temperature management. That’s when I began to look around at his heating, cooling, and air quality control infrastructure. His air vents were all installed at the ceiling level. This meant, all of his fancy heated air floated upwards, and the two of us never loved any of it! No wonder he could afford this place, it was built by idiots.
Cooling technician