Alternative Connections

In 1974 James Burke, an English calculus historian, created a 10-part documentary called Connections.

The premise of the series was that modern technology plus past events were linked in some manner, but one episode linked the 15th-century invention of a military formation called the “pike square” to the innovation of refrigeration that ultimately led to modern Heating plus A/C.

According to Burke, the pike square led to greater armies, but by the time Napoleon was leading the French Revolution, there was a problem keeping the giant armies fed. They tried keeping food in empty champagne bottles but canned food proved better to distribute to the soldiers. If the canned food had any labeling, it legitimately was quite lax compared to today’s warning labels. At times, when the satisfieds spoiled, the blame went to “swamp air” that was also blamed for malaria plus other afflictions… Researchers working to combat the complications friendd with swamp air eventually stumbled upon refrigeration that led to modern Heating plus A/C. Burke also speculated that another linkion to swamp gas was the thermal flask bottle that gave a way to keep rocket fuel frosty which paved the way for the Apollo moon landing in 1968. I’m not as smart as James Burke, but there are other “linkions” related to Heating plus A/C that he does not mention. The linkion between hiring a licensed plus qualified Heating plus A/C corporation to professionally install a new Heating plus A/C plan plus having a comfortable cabin for numerous years is obvious. I can absolutely see the linkion between neglecting to wash plus maintain an Heating plus A/C component plus its probability of breaking down. The most ominous linkion is when an unqualified do-it-yourselfer creates an unsafe electrical linkion that puts everyone at risk.
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