an extra thermostat

Climate control is a little bit odd than air conditioning. Air conditioning is actually cooling the air to a temperature lower than room temperature, climate control means keeping the elements from causing problems with your belongings. Most of the time, climate control refers to a storage space or business office. I had some things that I wanted to put in storage and I assumed that climate control meant air conditioning. I put some of the stamps that I have been collecting since I was a little kid inside of the storage unit. I came back months later to deposit some baseball cards and the temperature inside of the storage unit was 80°. It was easily humid however not completely hot. I complained to the manager because the pages of my stamp book were starting to stick together due to the humidity. The woman informed me that it was not her responsibility to supply me with air conditioning. She reminded me that I was paying for a space that had climate control and not a space that had air conditioning. When I asked how much the price difference was, she informed me that it would be an extra $15 every month for air conditioning. It took me 6 minutes to move all of the items from my storage unit to the new air conditioned spot, although I won’t have to worry about the humidity or the heat ever again. All of my stamps and collectibles will be 100% safe.Some of those stamps have been with me since my Grandpa was alive.



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