An outdated building is being updated into a gym

I live in an area where the majority of the buildings are run down and abandoned.

Some of them should be torn down and flattened with a bulldozer.

Some of the buildings retain some charm and their original character. At the end of the street, there is an old boxing gym. The gym was once a thriving business. In fact, the owner of the boxing gym trained several fighters that went on to win big titles. When I was growing up, the gym held an exhibition match between some well-known fighters. I still remember the line of cars in the street as the gym filled with patrons. The building that was once a popular boxing gym stood vacant for at least fifteen years. After the owner passed away, the building became part of a trust. No one was interested in investing into renovations or even demolishing the structure until a few months ago. There was a new sign on the outside of the building. There are new owners and they plan to renovate the entire building. They will be turning it into a modern fitness center. We do not have any gyms in this area. My friends and I are excited to have access to a modern facility so nearby. We have been driving over forty minutes every weekend to attend a gym. With one located only a few minutes away, we’ll be able to work out more frequently and spend more time at the gym. I expect the remodeling to take several months. A lot of changes will need to be made before the building is up to code and ready for clients.


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