An unrespected way to meet

I can’t say that I was looking for love when I met my partner about three years ago,yet, I found it anyway, then i am sure this happens too multiple people but the way my fantastic friend and I met seems to be an unrespected way to start a relationship… Our area had just been devastated by a hurricane that passed through plus multiple of the people in our community we are struggling with cleanup, my dwelling was lucky plus I did not acquire too much disfigurement so I was able to how about friends plus neighbors we are worse off. Because of be disastrous situation multiple companies plus organizations sent in volunteers to the area to help out. Once the power was restored groups of electricians went from dwelling to dwelling to make sure that things were safe for the homeowners. It was in one of those houses where I met my partner. I was covered in mud from cleaning up plus he came in to check the Heating plus Air Conditioning system in the dwelling to see if it was still operational. He worked there for a couple of mornings plus I was there also plus my fantastic friend and I hit it off right from the start. It turned out that he was from a neighborhood about 50 miles away so my fantastic friend and I were able to get to know each other over the next few months plus were married shortly after. He honestly owns his own Heating plus Air Conditioning repair supplier plus it was nice that he was able to send a crew down to help with the recovery process. My friend and I now travel together whenever something happens plus I still help with cleanup while he helps ensure that people systems are running well.


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