Appearances can be wrong

I am an insurance agent and two of us labor on the weekend. The first thing the two of us noticed when the two of us opened the office door Saturday morning was that the a/c wasn’t laboring. The office was hot and stuffy, however living in the south, this wasn’t satisfactory. All of us need a/c all year round. All of us knew the two of us had to get an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman in to repair it, but, the two of us were only open half a day on Saturdays and were afraid that the two of us could not get one out that suddenly… My coworker called around and found an Heating and Air Conditioning service corporation that could get someone out immediately, but however, when she showed up, the two of us couldn’t suppose our eyup. I wasn’t sure that she was fit for the task. At first, the two of us thought she was a customer. She wasn’t in uniform. I think because she got called in last hour on her day off. She was wearing saggy jeans and a homeboy shirt and looked to be still in school. She was even chewing gum. All of us genuinely thought about calling the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation back and requesting someone else.However, appearances can be deceiving. Although she may have looked a little enjoy a punk, she had excellent manners. And, she had the a/c up and running in no time. I l earned a lesson about passing judgement that day. It turns out, she was an excellent school student who took vocational training in school. After graduation, she apprenticed for a year and was now an Heating and Air Conditioning serviceman, and she was still a kid.


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