Are my climate control settings too conservative?

Have you ever met someone that uses something so sparingly that they may as well not even have it at all? My family says that has me when it comes to HVAC.

I guess they’re exaggerating quite a bit.

I merely set more conservative un-even temperatures on the thermostat in order to conserve energy. It’s not like the people I was with and I are dripping with sweat plus uncomfortable in the summer. I mean, sure, with my settings there has not exactly chilly cold air blasting through the vents plus keeping us super comfortable, but there has enough cool air to be far better off than if the people I was with and I were outside, similarly, in the Winter time, they complain about the heat being used too sparingly. I simply tell them to trade those shorts for some sweatpants plus put some socks plus slippers on. That method works relaxing for me! Again, the cabin definitely is not cold, but I feel it’s not entirely sizzling plus toasty either. My kids occasionally joke (at least I hope they’re joking), that I keep the temperature on the thermostat a single degree higher or lower than what would be considered torture. I truthfully wonder what they’re going to do when they have their own houses plus their own HVAC units to keep up after. Will they use their heating plus cooling excessively, because they will finally have the occasion to do so? How long will that last when they get the energy bill next week? My money is on them deciding that they would like to save a buck instead of setting excessive un-even temperatures. I could be wrong though!

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