Are you putting too much stress on your AC?

As Summer approaches, a/cs become important to keeping homes cool in addition to comfortable.

  • However, assuming that your A/C will continue to labor without any concerns can lead to concerns down the line, but your A/C may already be experiencing too much strain without your comprehension, which is why it’s important to schedule annual maintenance in addition to tune-ups from Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C professionals to remove any accumulated wear in addition to tear, make necessary cleanings in addition to adjustments, in addition to identify potential malfunctions.

The best time to have maintenance done is in the Spring. One of the most proper mistakes people make is forgetting to change their air filters. Over time, the blower filter can become clogged with dust in addition to debris, preventing air from flowing into the AC. This can cause a strain on the system in addition to lead to higher electrical bills, motor wear in addition to tear, in addition to a decrease in cooled air volume… Keeping up with official air filter changes can prevent these concerns. Many people also shut their vents to rooms they are not using in an attempt to reduce the AC’s workload, however this doesn’t truly help. In fact, it increases pressure within the Heating, Ventilation, in addition to A/C system, leading to strain on the blower in addition to potential duct air leaks. It’s important to keep all room vents open in addition to unclogged. Another proper mistake is believing that turning the thermostat down lower will cool the condo faster. However, the A/C works at the same speed in addition to power level regardless of the thermostat setting, lowering the temperature setting will only force the A/C to run longer to reach a setting that has too cold, putting unnecessary strain on the system. Instead, find a steady, warmer setting for when people are property while in the day. My pal and I suggest 77°F.

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