Attic becomes bedroom after ductless heat pump installed

There is normally a solution to most every problem.

Sometimes, the answers are right in our faces.

Other times, the answers are less obvious and take a while to show themselves. Then, there’s the get creative approach to problem solving. That’s sort of what I like to do. And a recent ductless heat pump addition to our home was a creative idea that came from my oldest child. My oldest is truly an impressive young woman. That may be too much of a title for someone who’s a junior in highschool. But that ain’t no little girl. My daughter has always put preparation and academics ahead of everything else. She’d rather stay home in the air conditioning to get ready for a test or a challenge than go to parties. Not to say that she doesn’t have a great social life. It’s just that she has such a balance. Her younger siblings are not so much with the maturity and this was taking a toll on my oldest. She came up with the idea of adding a ductless heat pump to our finished attic so that could be her room. This way nobody would have to share and she could get the peace she needed for her studies. I was quite impressed and jumped right in there to support that plan by calling the HVAC professionals. That ductless heat pump did the trick and my daughter to care of the rest. Honestly, when she goes to college, I may claim that space for myself.
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