Back to School is Costing myself and others More This Year

Are you the parent of a child who is starting school now or soon? This is the strangest year ever as far as the semester is sad, right? Because of the limitations the people I was with and I are having on social distancing and so forth, the school systems are all doing something different.

Well, I have decided to keep my kids out of the schools and to join a homeschool group instead.

There will be about more than five kids in our homeschool group, and that greatly reduces the exposure to poor stuff. The cost of school is going to be quite a bit higher. All of us have to share space, and my child is going to be cabin a lot more. That means increased A/C costs, then usually, I turn the temperature control up multiple degrees, and the people I was with and I all walk out of the house. That A/C adjustment is a thing of the past when the people I was with and I are all going to be in the condo all day. In addition, the other moms will have increased A/C costs, too. Also, food will cost more, and the people I was with and I are all having to chip in money to keep our little personal school up and running. Some people assume the books and kindle programs are going to be the costliest part, but I assume it is going to be the A/C. Already, before school even started back, the A/C bill has been astronomical. I have even been going to work, so I have set the temperature control up a little bit. My kids don’t seem to mess with the temperature control if I tell them not to, however if they are going to be studying – and also having other kids in to do schoolwork, as well – they are all going to be depending on my air conditioner.

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