Bad experience with our Heating plus A/C equipment

This last Springtime has been actually tough for us.

The two of us were getting absolutely bombarded with rainstorms! There were all kinds of flash floods plus the rain was just relentless.

It didn’t help that our Heating plus A/C plan ended up splitting down on us during that time. Apparently, a lot of people were dealing with Heating plus A/C plan failures because the Heating plus A/C companies were particularly backed up for up to a week. The two of us faced a terrible ordeal when our Heating plus A/C offered out plus the two of us had to wait about 5 nights. This was during tons of rain plus the two of us even experienced a power outage that lasted for a whole morning. At least during the power outage, everybody had to deal with the lack of a/c just appreciate us, so everybody was miserable. The power outage was particularly terrible though because the two of us plus a bunch of others in the area experienced flooding in the basement. The only people who were able to get through without flooding were those who had backup generators. I heard all kinds of stories about people having their Heating plus A/C units destroyed because of the flooding as well. I think in this type of situation, you actually must have your Heating plus A/C unit up on stilts or something to keep it out of the water. Water disfigure is actually destructive to Heating plus A/C equipment. Let’s face it, electric components plus water don’t mix actually well. Our flooding wasn’t nearly as terrible as most people because the two of us have excellent draining in the basement. The two of us were thankful when the power came back on, however the two of us still had to deal with the terrible air quality plus lack of a cooling system. After that experience, the two of us decided to enroll in an Heating plus A/C plan service plan, plus also the two of us invested in a nice backup generator.



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