Bees in the HVAC ducts were a problem

I own a rental apartment house and my one tenant drives me insane. Kathy rents the first floor of the house and is constantly calling me for things. I get called for leaky sinks, air conditioning low on refrigerant and about the other tenants. She had gotten bad enough where I stopped taking her calls. When I finally decided to listen to the messages I felt bad. But it was a typical boy who cried wolf situation. She was calling about bees in the air ducts. I figured one bee was probably buzzing around and scaring her. I took my time getting back to her and I armed myself with a can of bee spray. When I arrived to her apartment I could hear the bees. Turns out she had a swarm of bees that had a hive in the HVAC duct. She could not run her HVAC equipment or evenly safely get in her apartment. I don’t even know how she was getting in and out of the apartment. I called an exterminator right away. I then had to get a HVAC contractor over to do ductwork cleaning. Since bees have moisture in their bodies, they could really ruin my metal HVAC ducts. I had to get the exterminator to kill them, and the HVAC professional to clear away all the evidence. It was a very expensive appointment that could have been avoided if I listened to Kathy when she first called me. How was I supposed to know that it was actually a large issue though?


Air conditioning worker