Ben plans to repair his own Heating and AC system

Ben will repair his Heating & A/C method when he returns to the lake house overseas. It’s really his only home because Ben doesn’t even own a place here in the states but it is where he is most of the time. Ben moves around so much nowadays he’s not even sure where to set up roots. Still, he does have a fascinating life. He wants to repair his own Heating & A/C method when he goes to the lake house as his heat pump failed when he was last there. The plan is to service it before the cold weather comes. Winters begin in the middle of October and run through the middle of April so there are numerous cold days where Ben needs to have heat at the lake house. He could buy another heating system but why spend the extra funds if he can service the heat pump himself? Ben has been working in the industry for years but doesn’t recognize the latest equipment so that is why he’s reading up on it. He doesn’t have much to do while he’s here for half the year so he thought it would be best to learn more about the latest Heating & A/C equipment. Ben will save himself some money when he goes back. If he can’t do it then he will just call up his buddies who know plenty Heating & A/C and have them supply help out. They live a couple blocks from Ben so they could come by in a moment’s notice.

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