Best price for home due to HVAC upgrade

I can’t say that I was exactly receptive to the idea of replacing our HVAC equipment to sell the house.

But that was one of the first things the realtor pointed out when she made the first visit to our home.

In fact, it wasn’t long after the introductions that she pointed out the HVAC. I guess she walked around the house or something prior to ringing the doorbell. The HVAC cabinet is on the side of the house away from the front door. That helped to make her suggestion to upgrade the HVAC equipment all that more surprising. For sure, I knew that selling our home would have to come with some improvements. There was no doubt about that. Still, I really didn’t have the HVAC unit getting replaced on my radar. This was due to the fact that, in my estimation, the HVAC unit had another solid decade in it. Sure, it was 15 years old but it was high quality HVAC equipment. Plus, we had been doing seasonal HVAC maintenance every year since we had that HVAC unit installed. I have to give the realtor real credit. She noticed that I was resistant to the idea that we needed to replace the HVAC. I wasn’t exactly vocal about it but I she’s a real pro and can tell when a seller is hesitant. So of course, being the pro that she is, she brought along plenty of data and comps to back up her suggestion for new HVAC equipment. I have to say that this was quite compelling. I saw that spending on new HVAC equipment would lead to us getting the very most out of the value of our home.

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