Big move aided by month to month rental

I think moving is just one of the worst things ever.

I don’t mean to be over dramatic but, picking up and moving to another city is tougher on me every time I go through it.

This time, I have a family with teen age kids that I have to uproot. Thankfully, we have some short term housing options that are taking a bit of the sting out of this situation. My kids are bummed out about having to move. But, they are excited about the fact that we are moving to a region where we have often vacationed. So, it’s a good news, bad new situation for sure. I had to leave pretty quickly and was set up in a corporate suite that was big enough to have all my family crammed in there. This was great as my wife and I actively sold the home. It actually sold earlier than we thought. So we were able to find a furnished month to month rental so the kids could finish out the school year. This way, we could move all our stuff to the new area and just store it. Once the kids finish with the school year, we’ll all be reunited here. Again, short term rental saved my bacon. I was able to find a month to month lease on a home out here. This way we can get the family settled a bit. I want our next home to be one that we all have a hand in selecting. Without help from short term rental options, this move would be a very bitter pill.

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