Big storm ahead

I was able to tell by the wind howling outside, & the grey clouds that a storm was coming in, and I was thinking that it was originally going to be a thunderstorm, but with how freezing the weather was, I feared that it could turn to hail.

I turned the weather station on when I got back to my place, & I was genuinely ecstatic that I did! As the weatherman predicted a blizzard within the next hour! I genuinely still had my air conditioning plan on, & I instantly went & turned it off & then flipped my furnace on.

I turned my heating plan on all the way, & prepared warm chocolate. I might as well make the best of the freezing weather, then after I had my hot chocolate, I wrapped myself tight in a lot of heated blankets, & then sat next to my heating system. I was able to see as the storm grew & howled outside, whipping trees around & turning everything outside pure colorless. It eventually got to the point where I could no longer see anything outside but colorless, so after that I turned my attention to my television. I’m genuinely ecstatic now that I had a Heating & Air Conditioning professional come & do Heating & Air Conditioning service, as I hadn’t evaluated my heating or cooling plan in a few weeks. Now, I can sit back & relax next to my oil furnace & TV & I can stay moderate all night! The blizzard continued to rage on well into the next day, and work was no longer set to go. I could barely tell how freezing it was outside, thanks to how well my heating unit was doing. After a couple of days, the blizzard stopped & I was able to resume life as normal.

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