Body recovery program for sore knee

One thing I have to be careful with is my left knee when working out.

  • I used to do gymnastics in college and I really wrecked my knee.

Sometimes the pain flares up and I can hardly do anything. Sitting for long periods of time hurts, kneeling is painful and doing a squat is not a fun thing. Due to this, I am limited in how I work out. As long as my knee doesn’t bend, I am okay. My best friend Victoria says that I should do a body recovery class at the health club in town. Apparently the body wellness and recovery programs are all for people with existing injuries. I called the gym about it and it is mostly for older people or those that have injured themselves on the job. There are currently no former athletes in the program. I am still thinking about doing it though. Right now I baby my knee, wear a brace and it still hurts. Maybe a personal trainer sees something I don’t. Perhaps the type of shoes I am wearing or workouts I am doing are still aggravating it. The trainer might be able to give me good stretches for the leg area and exercises to build muscles around my tender spot. I just don’t really want to be the odd man out in class. I wish I knew somebody who is also in the same spot as me. It would be nice to go to class together and have a guaranteed partner for things.

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