Body wellness center is better than a meditation retreat

My friend Betty completely misled me! She’s always signing us up for things I would prefer not to do.

Betty then tries to sell the activity and get me to go along without complaining.

I have let her talk me into pottery classes, cake decorating classes and flower arranging. I wasn’t thrilled with any of them. The most recent adventure my friend enrolled us in turned out to be awesome. First, Betty told me we were signed up for a month of sessions at a body wellness center. I figured we’d be into yoga, massages and meditation. That’s what I figured a wellness program meant. I hoped for a facial or a manicure. I was actually looking forward to it! I was wrong. The body wellness center turned out to be a personal fitness training center. Rather than a spa, it was a fitness gym. Instead of a guy massaging my muscles, I got a muscular woman as a personal trainer. She set fitness goals and a program of exercises that I was expected to complete every time I attended a class. At first, I was annoyed with Betty. I had no interest in personal training and I’m not really into working out. After the month was over, I looked so much better. I had achieved the goals my trainer set for me. I have had such success with my health and weight before. I’ve decided to keep up with the personal fitness program. Ironically, Betty doesn’t plan to do it anymore. I have signed up for another month to see if I can tone and hopefully lose more weight. I feel so good about myself.

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