Boiler links to radiant flooring and snowmelt system

I am very fortunate that the house my husband and I purchased is equipped with a boiler heating system.

As a hydronic heater, the boiler water heats up water and sends it through a network of pipes concealed beneath the floor.

The heat from the pipes spreads across the floor and radiates into the air. Any objects sitting on the floor are also warmed up and further radiate heat. This process helps to eliminate cold spots and stratification and allows for lower thermostat settings. Hydronic heating is especially gentle, quiet and clean. It doesn’t cause issues with overly dry, eliminating the need for a humidifier. Heated floors also accommodate the setup of zone control. We have a thermostat in each room that allows customized settings for that particular space. We can cater to personal preference, occupancy or the specific requirements of the room. We are extra lucky that our boiler also links to a snowmelt system. Just like inside the house, there is a looping series of pipes hidden beneath the pavement of the driveway, walkways, front steps and garage floor. The system reacts to the combination of temperature drop and moisture, automatically starting up and spreading heat across the surface of the pavement. Snow and ice quickly melt away. My husband and I are thankful that we don’t need to worry about constantly shoveling snow. There is no risk of slipping and falling on icy pavement. We also don’t have the concern of hiring someone to plow the driveway and figuring out where to pile all that snow.



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