Boiler system is always leaking out water

I run a karate studio that is located in the basement of a grocery store.

I get the space for dirt cheap since it is so horrible.

The floor tiles are all peeling and the ceiling tiles are falling down. The entire space is dirty and the lights are always quitting. What is the worst though is the boiler in the utility closet. When the boiler works, it is wonderful. My karate students have superior heating the whole lesson. We are right by the boiler so our space gets heated first. However, the boiler usually is not doing so well. About once a year I will come into my studio and the whole space will have a layer of dirty water. The water is about one inch deep and muddy brown. I know this means the boiler system is broken. Usually a piece of piping cracks and then breaks. The water leaks out, the boiler stops and my work beings. I have to hurry to clean the water before my lessons. I then have to beg the grocery store workers to get rid of the mud and call a manager. Then I need to beg the manager to actually call a HVAC contractor. I know it will take a solid 2 weeks before anything gets fixed. It has happened so many times that I am surprised the boiler is not completely new piping. How are there still pieces left to crack and break? Why has the grocery store not updated the boiler system in the last ten years? Time for a new one.


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