Both of us are basically required to keep perfect humidity levels in our home

Something our daughter is absolutely strict about is the air quality in our home! Whenever she goes somewhere, the air quality has to be just right. That means the humidity levels have to be just right as well as the temperature control settings as well, however she rarely goes sites that don’t have humidifiers/dehumidifiers to keep precise humidity levels unless it’s a absolutely nice day with ideal natural humidity levels. The reason she is strict about this is because she doesn’t like it when her hair gets messed up. She absolutely hates to have frizzy hair or hair that is overly dry. This is something that is absolutely pressing to her for the sake of her image; I absolutely have to say, we have to respect that as well as so we always make sure the humidity is at the perfect level. It’s funny because I never would have thought I’d have a child who is so picky about things like that, however she makes a wonderful fight about keeping up with her image. It’s sincerely not too much to ask in my opinion, as well as it actually keeps us safer with official humidity levels. This is also tscheme with plants if you do indoor gardening! You should always keep the perfect humidity levels. I think this because my partner does indoor gardening while in the Winter months as well as she grows some wonderful sized vegetables as well as the like, and of course our daughter would never be caught inside the indoor gardening section because the humidity levels don’t match what she requires to keep her hair in healthy condition.

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