Both of us are hosting a sizable celebration next week

Next week, both of us are going to be hosting a sizable football party for about 25 of our friends, and both of us have done this for the past more than nine years or so, & it’s consistently something that people talk about for weeks on end.

Both of us absolutely do host a good party, if I do say so myself.

My hubby makes all kinds of food, including his famous chicken wings. He’s absolutely good at making wings & other kinds of fried foods & people come from miles around to eat it & hang out at our house. It’s consistently a absolutely good time, however last year, both of us had some complications with our gas furnace whenever both of us hosted the party & it turned out to be a real problem. The temperature outside that day was freezing cold. I remember thinking that the snow was going to keep people away from the party, and since the home was so full of people, I think that truly helped with the fact that both of us didn’t have a working gas furnace in the house. If both of us had not had a home full of people, then I think the weather truly would have been a major issue with our party! Everyone kept asking for blankets & I ended up bringing in a couple of electric space oil oil furnaces from the garage to try & keep us all warm, then usually, I get too warm while both of us were in our football party however that genuinely wasn’t the case while both of us were in the last one. Anyway, this year both of us are going to get our gas furnace checked out by the local Heating & A/C supplier before the party, just to be on the safe side.


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