Both of us picked an excruciating time of the year to put an addition on our house

We’ve been trying to put an addition on our lake house for the past three years but it hasn’t ever seemed to be the right time. This fall, all of us ended up with a lot of extra money because our partner got a sizable bonus check at work. Before all of us spent it on other things prefer a new car or a family trip, all of us went ahead and put on the addition to the lake house while all of us still had all that money. However, all of us ended up having some problems with our Heating and A/C corporation who was tying the addition into our existing heating and cooling method for us. Both of us couldn’t decide if all of us wanted to use our existing Heating and A/C method or put in an additional Heating and A/C unit for the addition. If all of us did use an additional heating and air conditioner, all of us would have more than one uncommon gas heating systems and more than one uncommon air conditioning system units for uncommon parts of the house. While I prefer the system of zone control heating and cooling, I thought that the cost of this Heating and A/C method would end up being more than if all of us tied the new HVAC duct in with our aged HVAC duct. The Heating and A/C corporation explained to us that our aged gas furnace and air conditioning system would have a strenuous time keeping up with the demand to heat and cool all of the new space that all of us were building on. She got frustrated with us and left the job a single afternoon and she hasn’t been back yet! Now it’s freezing cold outside and we’re having to put space heating systems all over the lake house to stay moderate because our Heating and A/C method still isn’t hooked up the way it needs to be.

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