Boyfriend doesn’t make it through couple’s fitness class

I took all of the excursions while he hung out at the hotel

My boyfriend plus I spent over a year saving any extra and organizing a 21 day vacation overseas. We planned a very detailed itinerary for our travels. Over the 3 weeks, he and I wanted to see and do as much as we cood. We paid for a rental motorcar and booked all of the hotels along a detailed and demanding route. We knew our schedule was going to be tight. It incorporated a lengthy list of excursions, such as hiking mountains, zip-lining, kayaking, snorkeling, renting ATVs and biking tours. He and I realized that we needed to be in top physical condition to maximize the benefits out of our trip. I researched and came across a couple’s fitness class held four days per week at the local gym. I signed us up. Assuming the class would prove quite strenuous, I prepared for it over the days leading up to it. I set aside time for long walks, went running, rode my bike and started stretching in the mornings. I couldn’t take my boyfriend into joining me. While I was heading out on a four-mile run, he was content to sit on the couch, watch a movie and eat snacks. Our initial couple’s fitness class was more challenging than I anticipated. My boyfriend had to sit out and rest a few times. I was unwilling to quit but wound up very sore from it. I told my boyfriend that he should start stretching and get active before the next session. He ignored my advice and once again was unable to make it through the whole class. That was his final time. He never showed up to the class again. I completed the couple’s fitness class as a single. By the time we boarded the plane for our trip, he and I weren’t even talking to one another. I took all of the excursions while he hung out at the hotel. After we got home, I moved out of our apartment and enrolled in a gym membership.

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