Boyfriend not in shape to handle vacation

I have a vacation that I have planned to take for years.

I hope to fly to a foreign country and spend at least several weeks there.

I will need to rent a car so that I can drive to all of the major cities. While on vacation, there are a lot of activities I want to try. I have realized that in order to see all the sights and landscapes, I will need to go on some lengthy hikes. The shortest hike is around four miles. One of the best hikes takes several hours and I’ll need to climb a fairly steep mountain. I also hope to paddle board or kayak through fjords. I have looked into renting ATVs and a bicycle through the city. I know it is going to be a physically demanding trip. When I initially got together with my boyfriend, I discussed my plan for vacation with him. He was eager to go but we didn’t have enough money to go for it. I have been saving my money now, for 3 straight years. We can finally take our trip. My boyfriend has not been keeping up with any type of fitness program these past three years. I don’t think he’s capable of hiking a mile now. There is no way he could manage a paddle board or handle a long trek in a kayak. I don’t want to spend the money on the trip and not do all the stuff I’ve been looking forward to. If he can’t physically keep up with me, the whole vacation will be a waste of time and money. That is worrisome and frustrating. I might invite my mother to go with me instead. She heads to the gym nearly every day and is in far better shape than my 27 year old boyfriend.

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