Breaking up is never a simple decision

After nearly several years of being together, our fiance & I decided to call it quits for good, then every one of us had been together for so long that not only was it so hard to say goodbye, however to also figure out who deserved to keep what from our house.

I was moving out to an loft of our own in town, & the first thing that I made clear I wanted to take with me was the a/c unit.

I had bought this unit for our fiance as a valentines day surprise a few years ago & it was a beauty. It was 1 of the most state of the art systems on the Heating & Air Conditioning market at the time, & it was seriously powerful plus energy efficient. Even though I had been the 1 to purchase the unit in the first locale, our fiance was not willing to provide it up. After some truly heated discussions, I decided to just let her keep the unit & I would find another 1 of that quality at the local Heating & Air Conditioning heating & cooling supplier soon enough. I truly did like that unit, however it wasn’t worth going through any more arguing than all of us already had. I also have a close buddy of mine who works area time as a certified Heating & Air Conditioning repair tech, & I suppose that I just might be able to convince him to hook me up with a discount for our current locale. It might come off as a little dire & shallow that I am just as upset with losing our a/c unit as I am with breaking up, however that has just how it is.

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