Bumper stickers should last as long as your car

The two of us strongly believe that bumper stickers should easily last as long as your car.

In fact, the two of us are generally in the business of making bumper stickers.

Most people with bumper stickers buy all of their items from places overseas. My wife as well as myself have learned not to cut business Corners. The Two of Us by rolls of premium vinyl directly from Gerber. Gerber guarantees their products for at least several years. It could last much longer than several years, which is one reason why the two of us primarily use Gerber vinyl as well as Gerber Gerber premium products. Companies in the business have tried for a long time to cut costs, but I don’t give many people this time. The two of us use Gerber die cut machines in our dealership exclusively. It’s nothing super pressing, but we sell a lot of Graphics that are on the back of automobile equipment. The two of us print many different types of bumper stickers. We also use all of the best materials so any bumper sticker that says purchase from our company comes with a 10-year warranty. A regular motor vehicle can last this long, and all of our bumper stickers as well as decals last this long too. Everyone of us happily use our Gerber premium products like vinyl as well as the laser die cut machine. It makes a difference in an industry such as ours, where there are thousands of thousands of dealers that have a foot in the business.

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