Buying house with friends comes with good HVAC

It was sort of meant to be really. I was sitting with the very friends that I would end up owning this home with when we first saw a new way to homeownership. We were sitting inside my apartment in the less than quality heating and air when the topic of homeownership came up. All of us were tired of paying rent and not building any sort of equity. But the downpayment for a house was out of our reach individually. That’s when the very topic of buying a house as a group came on TV. We were sort of amazed by the timing of it all. And, it appeared that we could all get what we want while also being protected legally. So we contacted a local lawyer just to see what we might be able to do as a group to get the sort of quality heating and air that was ours and not being rented. It took a few more months of looking and talking before we found the perfect house. It was a big three story home that would work perfect. I’d be up top as I was single with the other two couples having the remaining floors. And each floor would come with a pair of ductless heat pumps for our specific heating and cooling needs. Having independent heating and cooling in the separate living spaces was most important. And that’s just what we got from the ductless heat pumps. It’s so great to have quality heating and air where I live while I’m also actually building equity instead of just forking over a rent check each month.



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