Call your momma plus clean your A/C filter

That is the note for myself this week; call mom plus clean stuff.

My mom lost two of her siblings the past six weeks plus I want to call her plus console her a bit.

That must be legitimately tough to have two of your siblings plus siblings die in less than two months, plus it hurts me as well because I was close to both of them. I won’t be going apartment for six more months though plus hopefully nobody else passes away before then. I am overseas working on a tunes venture plus will be here a while… The cooling corp nearby keeps me busy with heating professional work each week plus then the rest of my time is dedicated to tunes. I haven’t even dated anyone in almost two years now as I am just focused on this tunes thing plus don’t have the time or energy to date. The cooling supplier told me to beginning dating or I’ll end up alone forever, but if you know anything about tunes then you’ll agree that I won’t be alone forever. I meet a lot of women when my superb friend and I are playing tunes plus it will happen one day when she walks by plus my superb friend and I meet, it’s just a matter of time. My tunes is heating up plus people are legitimately starting to prefer what my superb friend and I are doing, even the seasoned HEPA filter salesman said he enjoys our songs. I will meet someone one day however I am not in a hurry because I know she will be worth the wait! What would my superb friend and I do without you charming women in this world?


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