Calm down and trust the professional

My husband wanted an oak tea table for the kitchen lounge area, but both of us couldn’t find anything in the furniture stores that looked especially appealing.

Most of the items look the same as well as all of the tea tables in the stores didn’t suit our needs.

My husband thought it was a good plan to go ahead and contact a custom furniture builder to hand make a tea table. He contacted several unusual custom furniture designers as well as picked the person for the task at hand. I was surprised when the corporation turned out to be a woman. Most women, as far as I know, do not design custom furniture, but this woman came with glowing reviews as well as a website full of information about her projects. The entire time that the woman maintained the custom furniture piece, our sweet little hubby was worried about the outcome. The custom furniture designer apparently never came to the beach house to take measurements, as well as therefore our hubby was worried that the tea table would eventually not be the right height for his feet or the television. I told our hubby not to worry so much, because the designer had good reviews. When the lady delivered the custom built tea table, as expected, our husband was totally impressed with the craftsmanship. The handy lady made the sides look ornate with designs. The items looked as though it belonged in a high end furniture catalog. When our husband put his feet up on the table for the first time, it was the perfect height. It’s clear that the lady knew exactly what she was doing with her designs. The furniture looks good in the kitchen as well as both of us made completely sure to leave her another glowing review online. Next year, both of us might use her services again.


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