Camp meeting in our ductwork

We traded out our old oil furnace and installed a new boiler system. The boiler was a great idea for us, since we also wanted radiant heated floors in our bathrooms. The only problem we had was, what to do with the ductwork that was in our house. With a boiler, there is no need for ductwork. There were no air vents, since a boiler is not a forced hot air system. The boiler heats water which flows through water pipes and the heating comes out of the baseboard heaters we had installed. We had special pipes laid under the flooring in the bathrooms, which makes for a very nice heat in the winter. We thought about having the ductwork removed, but my husband thought it could wait until summer and then he could take out the ductwork and salvage it. Now, we have a problem. There was a small hole in the ductwork that was allowing bugs to gather, during the summer. We had the air vents covered, but apparently they weren’t air tight. I was getting a massive invasion of stink bugs in my home. We had to call an exterminator and have them abolished from the ductwork and evacuated from our home. We spent almost a week out of our home until they were completely gone, and the smell had dissipated. We had the HVAC company come out and remove the ductwork from the house, and they sealed off the air vents so we didn’t have any more problems. My husband told me he would have removed the ductwork if he were given more time. He also apologized for the camp meeting of the stink bugs that we had to endure.

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