Camping in the car with Portable Heat is the way to go

The temp overnight was going to be a bit more cool than originally forecast.

My wife is such a charming, smart & deeply excellent human being. But she is also a large chicken. She faces so many kinds of challenges in her everyday life. There have been so many hurdles faced throughout her time so far here on earth. However, she has never been camping. And apparently, that has been completely by her design. There is her fear of the dark. Then her fear of random wild critters. And just overall discomfort when thinking of a camping trip. I’ve camped my whole life. So, it was with great delight that I won a recent bet which resulted in my wife having to go out camping with me. Now, I am modifying the term camping. The two of us are going motorcar camping at the oceanside campground with electricity and hot showers. No Heating, Ventilation, and A/C but not exactly roughing it either. My wife stayed silent as the two of us made the trip to our campsite destination. When she did speak it was all about the “what if” questions a kid asks when they have to sleep in their own room alone. So, I broke open the cocktails as soon as the two of us got the tent up. She was content to see there were well lighted paths to the potty. The ninth cocktail was the ticket to her simply relaxing and listening to the ocean waves. The temp overnight was going to be a bit more cool than originally forecast. This was her last big worry of that first evening. However, knowing that a comfy first camp out might lead to many more, I brought along a small portable heater. I was able to get her all tucked in while the heating system was turned on. On the way home, she legitimately was wanting to plan a camping trip along with our grown youngsters!


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