Can someone tell me what you mean by ductless?

When I bought my condominium, I listened diligently to everything the realtor told me.

I kept asking her about the HVAC system and she all but ignored my questions.

I didn’t see any air vents in the condominium. I thought I would at least see something that told me what kind of heating and air conditioning there was. When I looked at the listing, it noted that there was ductless HVAC in the condo, but I didn’t know what it meant by ductless HVAC. Right before we left the condo, I brought up the subject again, and I wanted to know what it meant by ductless? She told me she would get my answers for me and get back to me. The only thing I knew was that she did not know what ductless meant. I went home and began looking up ductless HVAC systems on the internet. I found several different ductless HVAC systems and they all seemed to be highly efficient. The one I liked the most, was the hot water heating system which allowed for radiant heated flooring. The only problem with this is that you still needed ductwork for the air conditioning. I then found a ductless HVAC system that was called a mini split. With the mini split, you had an outdoor unit and an indoor unit. These were placed high on an outer wall, and you had the thermostat and a remote to change from heating to air conditioning, or to shut the system off. Since the listing specified that it is a Ductless HVAC system, I was leaning toward it being a mini split ductless HVAC. I bought the condominium knowing I was going to have an excellent HVAC system in my home.


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