Can’t figure out the a/c in mexico

Sadly for us, this was only the start of the communication problems

I truly love travelling the world with my wife. With that being said however, there are a few things that I really can’t stand about traveling to new places. One of the biggest problems that my wife and I tend to deal with so often is the language barrier. Most people who travel don’t ever have to deal with this because they tend to stick around the tourist heavy areas where all of the signs are in english and most people speak it. My wife and I tend to take the road less travelled however, and this comes back to bite us sometimes. One of our more recent problems was our trip to the south of mexico. We were staying in a lovely airbnb but we weren’t able to get the air conditioning running. We ended up finding a number to a local HVAC heating and cooling company, but none of the people there were able to speak english. It took nearly an hour to let the HVAC company know what we were wanting and help them figure out the address we were at. Sadly for us, this was only the start of the communication problems. As the HVAC repairman tried to ask us questions about the unit, we had no idea what he was trying to communicate to us. Thanks to google translate and plenty of patience, we were eventually able to work with the HVAC repairman in order to get the a/c up and running. Even though this ordeal was a stressful one for us, we are going to keep taking the road less traveled because it keeps it exciting!

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