Can’t fix my work out bike

I then called the manufacturer back and spent more money on more parts

A little over 4 years ago, I bought a stationary bike… I spent a wonderful deal of money on this exercise equipment. I researched the multiple brands and models and spent more to get some cool features. I’m able to play our phone through speakers on the bike, and the bike has a touchscreen that provides all sorts of useful information! Along with our speed and miles traveled, the bike tracks my own workouts, our heart rate and calories burned. I’m able to choose from a whole mess of different workouts, such as hill climbs, races, and interval training. I can adjust the resistance to make the workout more difficult. Although I still prefer to go for an actual bike ride or even run outdoors, the stationary bike is seriously handy to have. The weather in our area is often chilly, rainy or snowy. The summer time heat and humidity sometimes makes it truly unpleasant to workout outside, and unfortunately, a few weeks back, the stationary bike simply won’t turn on. It was truly dead, refusing to start up or even flash the power on. I called the manufacturer and l got that my warranty has expired. I invested twenty dollars into a new power cord that they promised to send out. It took over a month for the power cord to arrive and this didn’t fix up the problem. I then called the manufacturer back and spent more money on more parts. This whole process has been seriously upsetting! My weather has been terrible, preventing me from running or taking my bike. My fitness routine is a crucial part of my daily life.
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