Can’t ignore the Heating & A/C equipment

On my way out the door for the commercial Heating & A/C of my office building, I saw the Heating & A/C company van down the street at a neighbor’s house, but can’t say that I’m shocked to see the Heating & A/C professionals over there again.

But I am shocked a bit with the state of that house.

My associate and I live in a planned community & all the houses on our street were built at roughly the same time. So my home is about as aged as her house, provide or take a couple of months. Yet, when you look at my home & then look at that neighbor’s house, you’d think it was much older than ours. In fact, they are both just ten years old. What else is ten years aged is the Heating & A/C equipment. My associate and I have the exact same heating & cooling equipment, my neighbor & I. For real, I checked. When we moved in, one of the first things we did was to call the local Heating & A/C company & join the Heating & A/C repair plan. From that point on, our Heating & A/C component has never missed a heating maintenance repair or an a/c tune up. Subsequently, we’ve never endured any sort of heating & cooling interruption in that time. My neighbor can’t say the same thing. But then again, she pay virtually no attention whatsoever to the Heating & A/C unit. And man, she runs the heck out of that thing during Spring, Summer & Fall. So no wonder that the same Heating & A/C component that we have is coming apart down the street… Heating & A/C component is a extreme investment to us & we treat it as such. If you ignore the residential Heating & A/C in your home, count on having the Heating & A/C company van in your driveway more often.
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