Careful when picking tenants

I have been a landlord for nearly twenty years now, and during that time I have dealt with a wide range of tenants.

  • I can say without question that over 90% of them have been fantastic, respectful, and responsible.

With that being said, there are always those select few that simply don’t know how to act like a responsible adult. Just the other day I was forced to evict someone out of one of my units due to how poorly they were taking care of the unit. He called me one day complaining that the air conditioning wasn’t working anymore. Once I showed up to see the unit myself he put on an act like it had never done anything like that before, but by the look of it all of the damage looked like it was from human error, not mechanical problems. From what I could tell after diagnosing the unit myself I could see that water had been poured onto it, and it had taken physical damage from a heavy object. The unit was in terrible shape without a doubt, but the thing that shocked me the most was how terrible the living room and dining room looked. Despite the place only being a few years old with all of the debris and trash everywhere it looked like it was at least 50. Hopefully this guy will be able to find a new place to live soon before the eviction comes into place, and if he doesn’t end up changing his seemingly careless habits he might end up living in his car.

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