Carpet cleaning help

I always have been a bleeding heart for animals and pets, particularly dogs; Any pet in need of a home, I will just take him with me. I undoubtedly should not job at an pet shelter, however I do. Anytime there is some fear of the dog being put down for good or not having a good home to him, I will just adopt the pet. I have numerous dogs now that range from being a new puppy to blind and super old, however with all the dogs running around, I have a lot of trouble keeping them in line. Accidents do happen plus dogs appreciate to mark over another’s territory, so needless to say, my carpets have been peed on again plus again. I have a few special carpet cleaning tools that I use to remove the urine stains plus smells, however doing it all by hand with a rag just wasn’t cutting it. For awhile though, my carpet cleaning devices did not get rid of the issue. First I noticed discoloration in my carpets, then the awful urine smell just lingered. After this I started worrying about how unsanitary my cabin was becoming, plus the unhealthy bacteria plus microorganisms that were growing rapidly. I finally just caved plus called a professional carpet cleaning company for some quick service. The cleaning company I hired said that there were 2 routes of cleaning with odor removal they could do. I could get a topical treatment which is where they just heavily scrub the carpet fibers with their equipment. The next was a more extensive total sub floor extraction. They said most likely the urine has soaked through the carpet, the padding plus backing, but so they will need to do a multi-layer cleaning to entirely get down to the root of the problem.

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