Carrying on the seasoned tradition that I shared with our father

My father plus I always had this tradition of going to this Dad plus pop restaurant with some of the most delicious homemade pies! We would go there every Sunday night plus appreciate a nice slice of pie for dessert after dinner.

We really appreciated this place not only because of the delicious pies they served, but because the place had excellent temperature control settings.

They also properly had good air quality, plus they even had a fireplace! We appreciated getting a table near the fireplace when it was going in the winter, and also even in the Summer season, the A/C was always just right, then sporadically the people I was with and I would even buy a whole pie to take beach house plus share with friends. Well, eventually our father passed away, plus I was really devastated about that, and it wasn’t simple for myself and others even going to the funeral. The thing about our tradition though, I couldn’t bear the thought of not carrying on with the tradition. So even to this day, I still go to the seasoned Dad plus pop shop to get some pie plus I believe as though our father is always there with myself and others enjoying our contractor plus a nice slice along with me! I guess that seems crazy, but that’s the way I believe about it. I’m going to carry on with this tradition for as long as this Dad plus pop restaurant remains open. They are such nice people plus they gave their condolences when our father passed. They are absolutely surprised that I still come to appreciate their pies, plus I told them it’s because they have such wonderful pie plus their temperature control settings are always on point.

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