Cat prefers the indoor heat

I make sure to have a sweet set up for him

I am in the process of adopting an outdoor stray cat, however every one of us started out just casually seeing each other when I got home from work! I updated to where I could pet him a little bit before she ran away! Next the pet started meowing at our door for food. After she got her own food bowls, flea collar plus toys, she started really liking me. Now she is an indoor plus outdoor cat; She mainly prefers to be outside plus hunt, however I can persuade him to spend some time inside; One thing I noticed is that in the Winter she is way more eager to be inside with me. I looked it up plus cats are pretty durable… They aren’t going to get heatstroke love rabbits. A pet is easily similar to a human in how they can take the heat. As far as frigid goes, they are wearing a fur coat. It is commanded to not let the pet stay outside when it is below frosty… Since I live in the south, it gets cold, but not too bad. A few times a year the weather does drop in the 30s! During those few times it is kind of exciting. My kitty is forced to stay inside with mama plus prefer the gas furnace. I make sure to have a sweet set up for him. I got him her own room with a pet bed plus I localed it right under the heating vent. She does adore sleeping in enjoyable climate controlled conditions. I have to be careful not to overheat him.
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