Caught the concern just in time to save the Heating & A/C

It’s difficult to articulate but it finally led me outside

I don’t suppose if it was the sound or the fact that the Heating & A/C cooling just wouldn’t cycle off. But I just had this feeling that something was up with the Heating & A/C unit plus it wasn’t something good. Since every one of us retired to the south, I’ve l acquired a lot about Heating & A/C cooling. In fact, I finally understand just how a heat pump works. When every one of us lived up north, the only Heating & A/C component that garnered our attention was the Heating & A/C heating. That’s because is was just so cold! The people I was with and I had a great gas furnace for lots of years that kept us particularly cozy in our house. But the air conditioning just wasn’t that crucial a deal. Central air conditioning was section of the overall Heating & A/C unit when every one of us obtained that home up north. But honestly, I just don’t suppose how much every one of us relied on it. That all changed of course when every one of us moved down here. And so I got to learn a lot more about the physics plus the engineering involved with Heating & A/C cooling. And with that new understanding, I suppose I just got a lot more tuned into the heat pump. So that afternoon, I heard something unusual with the Heating & A/C cooling. It’s difficult to articulate but it finally led me outside. I found our wifey had inadvertently thrown a tarp over the top of the Heating & A/C cabinet to dry it out. Of course, that clogged the air flow plus nearly choked out the whole Heating & A/C unit. Fortunately, I was able to catch it plus just got it off the Heating & A/C cabinet before it wrecked the entire Heating & A/C unit.
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